Suicidal Feelings Counselling

You may be supporting someone who has attempted, threatened or committed suicide. You may feel suicidal yourself.

Suicide is the act of intentionally taking your own life.

Suicidal feelings can range from being preoccupied by thoughts about ending your life, or feeling that people would be better off without you, to thinking about methods of suicide, or making clear plans to take your own life.

If you are feeling suicidal, you might be scared or confused by these feelings.

But you are not alone. Many people think about suicide at some point in their lifetime

How you might think or feel / What you may experience

• hopeless, like there is no point in living
• tearful and overwhelmed by negative thoughts
• unbearable pain that you can’t imagine ending
• useless, unwanted or unneeded by others
• desperate, as if you have no other choice
• like everyone would be better off without you
• cut off from your body or physically numb
• poor sleep with early waking
• change in appetite, weight gain or loss
• no desire to take care of yourself, for example neglecting your physical appearance
• wanting to avoid others
• self-loathing and low self-esteem
• urges to self-harm

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