Stress Counselling Rochford

Stress may affect how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically, and also how you behave. Stress Counselling can help you.


How you may feel emotionally when stressed :

• overwhelmed
• irritable and ‘wound up’
• anxious or fearful
• lacking in self esteem


How you may feel mentally when stressed :

• racing thoughts
• constant worrying
• difficulty concentrating
• difficulty making decisions


How you may feel physically when stressed :

• headaches
• muscle tension or pain
• dizziness
• sleep problems
• feeling tired all the time
• eating too much or too little


How you may behave when stressed :

• drinking or smoking more
• snapping at people
• avoiding things or people you are having problems with


As an accredited and registered member of the BACP, Lesley at Rochford Counselling can help you.

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