Relationships Counselling

You may be experiencing problems in your work. You may feel you are being bullied at work, or are having to try and work with a difficult colleague.

You may be struggling with family or personal relationships. These problems can result in stress, anxiety, depression, affecting your physical health. .

Counselling can help to reduce your anxiety, and can help you learn about the different types of communicators, such as passive or aggressive, behaviours.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is when your partner or a family member abuses you emotionally, physically, sexually or financially. It can be one single incident or repeated abuse but usually it is a pattern of behaviour. If you feel intimidated by or frightened of your partner to the point where you feel that you have to change your behaviour you may be experiencing domestic violence. Whilst women are the majority who experience domestic violence, men also experience this.

Domestic abuse can include the following:

• Coercive control (a pattern of intimidation, degradation, isolation and control with the use or threat of physical or sexual violence)
• Psychological and/or emotional abuse[2]

Physical abuse

• Sexual abuse
• Financial abuse
• Harassment
• Stalking
• One line abuse

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence can be sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, prostitution, female genital mutilation and rape. Whenever it happened, whether repeated or a single incident, if it’s against your will it’s not acceptable.

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